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    People Are Sharing The Most Embarrassing Times They Were Caught Watching Porn And I'm Beet Red

    Yikes, y'all.

    Getting caught watching porn is hands down one of the most embarrassing predicaments you could ever get caught in. Like, NO, NO, NO.


    On Monday, Reddit user azgrunt asked people, "What’s the most embarrassing story of you getting caught watching porn?"


    Here's what they said:

    1. This Chromecast fail:

    "Actually Chromecasted it to my downstairs TV. That feeling of 'Oh shit' when you don't hear the volume is the absolute worst." — the_riddler_30

    2. And this Bluetooth fail:

    "My friend had his in-laws and whole family in town and masturbated in the shower to porn. His phone was connected to the Bluetooth speaker downstairs. Everyone heard the porn play throughout the house." — salesman_jordan

    3. This 11-year-old's lie:

    "My dad asked me why 'BIG TITS' was on the search history. I was 11 and told him I saw those words in a book and wanted to know what they meant." — Mannibal_Lecter


    4. And THIS roommate's lie:

    "Roommate’s boyfriend came into my room while I was masturbating. I had panicked and lied that I was doing homework when he knocked so he thought it was safe to come in." — RandomSubbing

    5. This sibling situation:

    "Watched lesbian porn on the family computer as a young teen girl in a pretty religious household. My parents sat my brother and I down for questioning, totally believed it was him." — choadally

    6. This data overload:

    "I blew the family monthly data usage and cost the family an extra $100. They found out when they checked my data breakdown, which had PornHub network at 19 GB." — mlg_AsteriiX_


    7. This hospital disaster:

    "Dad went into the hospital one day and as my family was sitting in the waiting room, my grandpa and brother took my tablet to see something. Saw my history: dad fucking son." — warsaw1000

    8. And this campout mishap:

    "It was on a campout. Someone walked up behind me at 2 a.m. It scared the crap outta me." — shortgrassgames

    9. This back-button moment:

    "My mother walked in when I was 13. I pressed the back page button to hide it, but i was too obvious, so she pressed the back button again and it was more porn." — insanity_of_cain


    10. This computer freeze:

    "I was watching in my room at night with the lights off. My screen was facing my bedroom door. My older sister somehow managed to crack open my bedroom door and was peeking through to see what I was doing. I noticed her, tensed up, and tried to close the window, but my laptop froze." — WhyY_196

    11. This work call fail:

    "During a Skype call with my friend, porn played out." — LavishNaiijo

    12. And lastly, this son's TV fail:

    "I was 17 at the time. I was in my room and tried casting my porn to my TV. Accidentally cast it to my dad's TV." — northernsticks_boy

    In conclusion, be extra careful out there, y'all.