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People Are Sharing The Dumbest Things They've Said To Celebs And It's Hysterical

"I told Gaga she looked like MARY Antionette."

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On Tuesday, Twitter user @rachyymarshall asked people "What is the stupidest thing you've said to a celebrity?"

what is the stupidest thing you've said to a celebrity?

Here are some of the best responses people had!


i once told gaga she looked like MARY antoinette (i meant marie)


@rachyymarshall I told Geri Halliwell that "Believe" by Cher was the best song of the 90s and she was not impressed


@rachyymarshall "Have you had a little drink tonight?" "Yeah a little bit" "Hmm a 'little bit' " Dragged to FILTH (at least he was lovely and wished me a happy birthday 🤭)


@rachyymarshall I once counted Jess Glynne down for a selfie and told her I needed to go wash my body afterwards! Xoxo


@rachyymarshall Harry Styles: Hi, how are you? Me: I have to pee


@rachyymarshall Me in 2015: did you just fart? Hozier: No! (Visibly hurt) Me: .. because you blew me away Hozier: oh... haha I’ll have to remember that


@rachyymarshall “I will shoot myself if I don’t tell you this” to Taylor Swift which is a little more aggressive than what I meant, which was “I’ll never forgive myself if I don’t tell you this” and then continued to blubber and cry


@rachyymarshall Martha Stewart: “So are you an avid [horseback] rider?” Me: “What does avid mean?” WHAT THE FCHSKKS


@rachyymarshall Me: wow you're tall. even though i'm not a teen anymore i had a growth spurt like last month. taylor swift, rolling with it: me too, and i'm 23. we must be late developers.


@rachyymarshall Shawn: just hug no picture? Me: no Shawn: okay?


I met Justin Bieber in a park and I asked if he was enjoying the weather. THE WEATHER. I still cringe. I talked about the weather with Justin freaking Bieber. Of all the things I could’ve thought to talk about I chose that. ⛅️🌧


“What’s your favorite cereal?” -me to 5sos


said to liza koshy that her socks were cute...... i couldn’t see her socks


*at venice beach* Kobe Bryant: Me: oh wow you hit on my mom twice Bryant: ...


I said HUG ME BROTHA to josh peck and all he did was chuckle uncomfortably. He did not hug me brother


Also when I met Troye Sivan I was like “get on my back!” For the dumb ass picture and I bent down and was ready ... and he said “I don’t want to hurt you” while he’s truly the size of my pinky 😔 my dumb ass was already squatting and READY! Skfjxjsjks


after tyler posey told me to massage his back I said “sure, I love charity work”


told charli xcx that she looked tired and what about it

It's ok, y'all. We all get starstruck.

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