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Millennials Are Going Awwwwwwf Right Now Using The Hashtag #StrugglesOfAMillennial

We're done.

On Tuesday, @HashtagRoundup asked people to tweet #StrugglesOfAMillennial.

Obviously, people used this as a way to tweet millennial stereotypes:

#StrugglesOfAMillennial What do you mean there's no WiFi in here?

#StrugglesOfAMillennial Poor restaurant lighting making it difficult to get a good photo of your meal

But on the other hand, others came in with #REAL struggles millennials face:


If I had a dollar for every time a “Baby Boomer” made a joke about “Millennials”, I probably be able to afford a house in the economy they ruined! #StrugglesofAMillennial


“Bachelor’s required, Master’s preferred. Starting at $15 (no benefits)” #StrugglesOfAMillennial


Their student loans outpace their earning potential. They're screwed out of the housing market. And all the older generations crap on them. Sorry, was I supposed to make this funny? #StrugglesOfAMillennial


Being the most educated generation throughout history. #StrugglesOfAMillennial


How about never being able to buy a fuckin' house? #StrugglesOfAMillennial


REQUIRED: 4 yr degree, multiple certifications, and 10 yrs experience OFFERED: 30k with no benefits. #StrugglesOfAMillennial


#StrugglesOfAMillennial being described as “entitled“ by generations who enjoyed affordable housing, High interest rates, good/attainable jobs with benefits which required little education, clean air and good music.


50 years of deindustrialization and failed tax policies have created a system where millennials have fewer opportunities than in the past, but whatever avocado toast. #StrugglesOfAMillennial


Having to listen to non-millennials sit and complain about how lazy millennials are while you are doing both your work AND theirs. #StrugglesOfAMillennial


#StrugglesOfAMillennial being called lazy by the generation that raised me.


Constantly being categorized as a child when really you’re 30, married, have a career and a home 🤷🏻‍♀️ #StrugglesOfAMillennial


Dealing with whiney old people bitching about their generation. #StrugglesOfAMillennial

Yup. TL;DR: