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    People Are Sharing Offensive DMs They Receive And People Need To Stop

    Get it together.

    This week, a Twitter trend, "the face/the DMs," went viral as a way of showing how problematic, offensive, and downright bizarre some people can be on dating apps or in DMs.

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    I think the trend is a good way to show that people still face racism, anti-gay bias, and being disrespected in 2020. Everyone needs to do better.

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    Here's what people shared. Warning: Some messages are offensive.

    The face // The DMs Honestly that was the best fanmail I've ever had

    Honestly, some of the other tweets I couldn't include because they were so offensive. Like I said before, people need to do better. Think before you send someone a message. Also, like, don't be an asshole online.


    Have you ever received an offensive or bizarre DM? If you feel comfortable, share in the comments below.

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