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People Are Sharing Normal Things In Their Country That The Rest Of The World Thinks Is Weird


Every country obviously has its own customs, traditions, and practices. But sometimes, there are little things people do that seem normal to people who live there, but strange to the rest of the world.

On Saturday, Reddit user @ifoundtheavadcados asked people, "What’s normal in your country but seems weird to the rest of the world?"

Here's what people said:


"We normally take more than a bath per day. We also have a habit of brushing our teeth at our job or school. We generally eat sandwiches with napkins and pizza with forks and knives." — Shiromifeari


"Christmas Season officially starts at September 1." — Donnel01

Phillipines, part II:

"We point with our lips and eat with our hands." — sensitivenipsnpenus


"Being naked. We have naked beaches, and in saunas you have to be naked. Also, being naked around your house or garden isn't that weird." — Maximellow

United States:

"Calling your best friend a 'c*nt,' and the person you hate most 'mate.'" — alania_cheeky

United States, part II:

"Massive food portions. It’s so common that when people see a normal food portion they think of it as small." — eternalrefuge86


"We drive on the left." — wbeats


"We don’t sit beside strangers on the bus unless it’s absolutely necessary. Most people would rather stand." — Elia_RR


"Wake house. When someone passes away, the open coffin is set up in their living room or bedroom for around three days, so that friends and family can visit before the funeral." — itwillallbegrand


"We have bagged milk." — pancakefucker69420


"We never smile at people on the street or at people we don’t know." — DerbhaleHitzgerald


"We smoke everywhere and all the time." — superbreadpirate


"We kiss each other three times on the cheek when we greet each other." — NOOOLD


"Bidets in every washroom to clean your ass." — saymawa

Do you have anything you do in your country that the world thinks is weird? Let me know in the comments below!