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People Are Sharing "Nice" Celebs Who They Completely Lost Respect For, And I Agree With Some

Others don't think they're so nice...

This week, I wrote two posts about people sharing which celebs they've completely lost respect for. Our BuzzFeed Community ALSO came through with some spot-on examples of celebs — who you'd THINK are super nice — who they have lost respect for too.

Here's some of what they shared:

FYI: I can't stress this enough — these are quotes from other people. They don't reflect my views or BuzzFeed's. 

1. "Ina Garten. I lost all respect for her when she ignored that poor sick kid’s Make a Wish request to see her."

2. "Lizzo. After the way she treated that food delivery driver for something that was her own fault, I was done with her."

3. "Sha'Carri Richardson. I was all set to root for her in the Olympics after she was unfairly disqualified for smoking weed. Then, she lashed out at Allyson Felix, when she supported her. The whole thing was immature and childish."

4. "Dr. Phil. He exploits people. He brought the creator of Bum Fights on the show and kicked him off after showing up dressed as Dr. Phil. The guy said he and Dr. Phil did the exact same thing — Phil just hid it better. After seeing that clip, I have no respect for Dr. Phil."

5. "Dr Oz. was a cardiothoracic surgeon. He began his show giving a lot of legit medical Information. However, over the years, he spends a lot of time endorsing fakes, frauds, and snake oil salesmen/women. He makes viewers feel that if they buy into all the shit he is promoting that they will be healthy."

6. "Oprah. She endorsed Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz, who are problematic in their own right."

7. "Jussie Smollett. That shit was just wrong, man."

8. "James Corden. I used to be a real big fan of him and his old Gavin and Stacy stuff and I even liked the lesbian vampire movie too, even though a lot of people hated it. He came across very rude and unlikeable in his Reddit AMA."

9. "Joss Whedon. He was a hugely influential voice in my formative years. A man I looked up to when I had none in my real life. I even met him and he seemed like everything I dreamed he would be.”

10. "Steve Harvey. He is the biggest hypocrite. He’s a devout Christian and constantly trashes and belittles atheists as he believes that they have no morals or moral integrity at all without religion."

11. "Justin Hartley. Who breaks up with someone they have been with for 6 years and ARE MARRIED TO via text?"

12. "Rachael Ray. I used to love her back in the late 2000s and watch her 30-Minute Meals program all the time on Food Network. I even bought some of her cookbooks. Then, I found out she's allegedly rude to fans. She's also disliked by other celebrity chefs, including Martha Stewart, Emeril Lagasse, Anthony Bourdain, and more for pretending to be a good cook. Also, she started shilling for corporate America and doing her lousy talk show. It broke my heart. Now I've lost all respect for her and don't bother watching anything she does anymore."

Did they miss anyone? Let me know in the comments below!

Note: Some responses have been edited for length, clarity, and/or context.