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    People Are Sharing Messed Up Family Stories And OMFG, They're Literally Bonkers


    On Friday, Twitter user @lukasbattle asked people to share their most fucked-up family stories.

    What’s the most fcked up story you have of your family? Mine is when my brothers and sisters duct taped my little brother to a poll in our basement and left him there for hours and we would periodically walk down to feed him dry lucky charms and water

    Here are some of the best, holy-shit-that's-not-ok stories:


    @lukasbattle My brother and I convinced our little sister who was 5 at the time that she had a disease and was gonna die in 3 days and 3 days later my mom found her crying in the bathtub saying “this is my last bath”


    @lukasbattle I told my younger sister that she was adopted and she couldn’t tell mom and dad that she knew because if she did we would have to send her back... she kept quiet about it for 3.5 years.


    @lukasbattle my siblings locked me out of the house and wouldn’t let me in unless i flipped off the camera.


    @lukasbattle when i was four i noticed my family wasn’t paying attention to me so i threw myself down the stairs and no one even fucking noticed


    @lukasbattle My sister used my bike without asking me, so of course that made me mad. I grabbed a broom and yeeted that shit like a spear in her direction and it somehow perfectly went through a spoke and knocked her off, split her head open and broke her ulna and radius in her right forearm


    @lukasbattle when i was 4 my brother pissed me off so i beat him in the head with my wooden sandal and i knocked him out but i thought he was dead so i put a blanket over him and told my mom i had to run away and wouldn’t tell her why


    @lukasbattle My sister would convince me to put on her scoliosis brace that was too big for me so I couldn’t bend my legs or torso at all. She’d then push me down and lock me in my pitch black room knowing I was scared of the dark while I just flailed and screamed


    @lukasbattle My older brothers tied me to a cross in our front yard when I was 5 and all my mom did was move us to the back yard


    @lukasbattle Has to go down before it goes up. This was in the days before sensors so the garage door shut on my head. She panicked and proceeded to click the button repeatedly. I layed there screaming while the garage door opened and closed on my head.😂


    @lukasbattle me, my best friend, and my brother used to put a bunch of blankets and pillows in my dogs crate and then put her little sister in and roll it around the house and down the stairs and call them joy rides


    @lukasbattle When I was 11 my brother and I were outside and accidentally disturbed a wasp nest, I out-ran him to the house and locked the door so no wasps would get in, and he was stuck screaming to let him in getting repeatedly stung


    @lukasbattle The power was out for like 4 days when I was ab 10 so my brothers were 5 and 6 and our dad told us the Antichrist was coming and we had to drink all of the milk for Jesus to save us


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