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    11 People Who Tried To Do The Right Thing — Then It Bit Them In The Butt

    No good deed...

    On Sunday, a Reddit thread asked people: "What's a nice deed you tried to do that completely backfired?" The answers were pretty entertaining to read.

    Here's people who tried to do the right thing and paid the price:

    1. This accident backfire:

    "I was pulling into a petrol station and saw a cyclist lying unconscious by the side of the road, obviously having been side-swiped by a vehicle. I ran in and told the people behind the counter and asked them to call an ambulance. There was a crowd of people standing around by then, and one woman started accusing me of being the one who hit the cyclist, because 'Why would you care so much about it, unless you were guilty?'" — MisterMarcus

    2. This simple, but common backfire:

    "Opened the door for my friends, friends turned into the whole class. The class turned into the whole year group. Got to hear a bunch of thank yous though." — Wxaifu

    3. This assistance backfire:

    "I offered to assist my sixth grade teacher with using the projector. She sent me to the principal's office and I was written up for disobeying the rules and disrupting class." — VeryLuciD

    4. And this accidentally offensive backfire:

    "I've offered elderly people a seat on public transport and they've gotten angry. I think they get offended because with my offer, I’m implying that they are looking old and feeble." — _theglasscastle_

    5. This car backfire:

    "A guy's luxury car died in the middle of a busy intersection. I stopped and offered to help push it out of the way. He told me to steer it into the parking lot and he would push. It was a manual and I told him it is better for him to steer and me push, since I did not know how to operate a manual. He said "just go steer." I said, "OK, fine." He gets it pushed to the parking spot, and I try to hit the brake, but hit the gear shift by mistake. The car hit the curb in front of the parking spot and he was like 'Great. Thanks for that.'" — DemoticPedestrian

    6. This introduction (I think we know how it ended) backfire:

    "I made one of my ex-friends meet my crush. I told my friend that I had a crush on him and directly after having a groups day out she told my crush that I was a horrible person and stuff." — ChocolatUnicornKitty

    7. This laundry backfire:

    "I was doing laundry when I was seven. I was sorting in on the floor — like my family USUALLY DOES — and my mom came in and yelled at me for putting it on the floor. That day was the first day I used the word 'typical.'" — that0neBl1p

    8. This friendliness backfire:

    "I had a good enough job. Gave some money to help out a friend a few times. She was having a hard time, and it did help. However, since she was near where I worked, she'd stop there and I'd take break to meet her out in the parking lot to give her the money. She'd hug me, we'd talk for a few minutes, then she'd leave and I'd go back in to work. My coworkers thought I was dealing drugs or something. They didn't say so when I got laid off, but I could tell by the way they were acting/talking. Suddenly no income. Had to ask my friend if I could crash at her place." — MedusasSexyLegHair

    9. This parenting backfire:

    "My 7-year-old son used to get hurt that during the day when he was at school I'd do stuff with his sister. So I called the school and pulled him out an hour early to go to the good pumpkin patch. He cried. He was so angry. He didn't even choose a pumpkin. He told me I'm a terrible mother." — 1014187912

    10. This surprise party backfire:

    "Surprise birthday party for my housemate. She had said she didn't want a party, but I thought inviting a dozen friends over for an afternoon BBQ and drinks would be nice. After people arrived, she went up to her room, climbed over her balcony, and scampered. We moved the party to another friend's house, so she could come back home and be alone." — JebusJones

    11. This pillow backfire:

    "I lived in a boarding school when I was 15, where we slept in bunkbeds. I was heading to my bed when I saw in the other bedroom one of the bed was lacking their pillow. I was using two pillows at that time, so I thought that I could put one of them in that poor pillow-less bed. So I was heading towards there, thinking how nice that was of me, and at the exact moment I'm leaning the pillow on its place, this new exchange student hops through the door and goes: 'My pillow! You want to steal my pillow!' Before I could say shit he kicks me in the breast and throws me to the floor." — RonaldinhoOnTheBeach

    In conclusion, continue to do the right thing...just be careful.