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People Are Sharing Email Dos And Don'ts And Crap, I've Definitely Violated Some Of These

"Don’t send an email and then run over to my desk and ask 'Did you get my email?'"

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On Tuesday, @HashtagRoundup asked people to share email dos and don'ts, using the hashtag #EmailDosAndDonts.

#EmailDosAndDonts is this week's @993WCJC hosted by @993WCJC @bigjohnmorgan

Here are the best responses:


Don't email me as I'm leaving the office on a Friday and expect a response before Monday #EmailDosAndDonts


Don't reply all. There should be a captcha, a series of questions about your childhood to answer correctly, and a "you do realize you're sending this to EVERYONE , right?" box to check just to before reply all activates. #EmailDosAndDonts


Half of all meetings could be replaced by a clear, well written email. Most endless email conversations could be replaced by a five minute face to face meeting. #EmailDosAndDonts


Don’t use the subject line to write the entire message #EmailDosAndDonts


Don’t respond to the Nigerian Prince #EmailDosAndDonts


#EmailDosAndDonts 🙄🙄🙄Please don't send your resume from an email that reads 'Hotslut69bitch@Yahoo'


Never put anything in writing what you don't want held against you. Simple little life lesson. #EmailDosAndDonts


Do: send important messages Don't: use Comic Sans #EmailDosAndDonts


Always double check the ‘To’ field. Then when you’re sure it’s going to the right person, check it again #EmailDosAndDonts


#EmailDosAndDonts If for business: 1. Include a signature with contact info. 2. Disagree in a short concise and clear way. But provide a solution. 3. Don’t debate with your boss, a disagreement fine but don’t debate. 4. Don’t gossip or reveal the private info of coworkers.


Don’t send an email and then run over to my desk and ask “did u get my email” or I will facepunch u. #EmailDosAndDonts


#EmailDosAndDonts Did you check spam folder before saying you never got email?


Don’t have one looong paragraph. Break it up so it can be read quickly and get to the point #EmailDosAndDonts


#EmailDosAndDonts Don't send just an attachment if the copy can be put inside the email.


Don’t send when angry. Save a draft and edit when calm. #EmailDosAndDonts


Do: Remember to attach your #CV Don't: Email it to every business, recruiter and hiring manager you've ever heard of in a single bulk message 🙃 #emaildosanddonts


#EmailDosAndDonts Please don't mindlessly forward my response to you (a fellow employee) to a party outside of our company. There is a difference between internal conversation and external conversation.

Do you have any email dos or don'ts that weren't mentioned? Let me know in the comments below.


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