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    People Are Making Fun Of Steph And Ayesha Curry's Vacation Pic And I'm Not Here For It

    *Chris Crocker voice*: Leave the Currys alone!

    Good morning! Steph Curry posted this pic of him and Ayesha on Instagram.

    When I first saw this pic, I was like, "Oh wow, great pic. Very cute."


    Apparently the internet thinks otherwise. They dragged it to hell and back.

    Please stop sharing that photo of Steph and Ayesha I'm begging you

    nothing about steph curry and ayesha curry is sexy.. they belong on christian abstinence billboards

    I know they have like 3 kids but this is big virgin energy

    There are 100,000 likes on this hate tweet???? REALLY???

    Honestly, I do not see anything weird or wrong with the pic, y'all.


    Some people agreed with me, saying people need to just lay off.

    @Namastaywoke Yall weird. Go get married. And stay happy.

    Steph and Ayesha really live rent free in y’alls heads don’t they, leave them alone lmao

    What happened to being kind to people on social media? What is with the nasty comments under Ayesha and Steph's picture? Can we do better?

    Steph and ayesha are cute as shit. Stop hating

    Really, though. CAN THEY LIVE??????? They look cute AF and are enjoying themselves. Leave them alone!

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