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People Are Having FaceTime First Dates During Quarantine, And I'm Living For How Weird It Is

Welcome to 2020.

Obviously, things are not ideal right now with the coronavirus, but that doesn't mean people aren't looking for love. So people are turning to FaceTime to do virtual dating in the wake of social distancing. Here's what they're up to:

They're still paying for each other via delivery:

I’ve got a virtual first date this week. He’s ordering me a Deliveroo, I’m ordering him a Deliveroo. Neither of us know what the other has ordered. We both then FaceTime & open them together. We’ll know instantly if we’re right for each other 🍿🥂

Or Venmo:

I have a facetime date this evening loool This guy transferred me £15 to go to a corner shop and buy wine for the occasion

They're paying for themselves:

I'm about to have a 'dinner date' via facetime. He won't be buying me dinner, but I also won't be kissing him Goodnight. #CoronaDating #SocialDistancing

They're turning each other down:

I went on a tinder FaceTime date yesterday and got this message today. Gotta say she’s 100% right “dating is weird right now”. #therona

Or struggling to come up with an excuse to turn someone down:

Well, it happened. A man suggested having a first date over facetime. And the worst part is I can't even say I'm busy

Like, ouch:

i asked a girl on a facetime date and she said we were moving too fast..whats gonna happen when i ask a girl to dinner when this shit end bro

They're getting all done up:

i’m having a facetime date w someone from tinder the future is now lmao

They're dressing down:

Last night I had a first date via FaceTime. Sweats on and no makeup because if you can’t handle me during my Quarantine, you don’t deserve me during Freedom. So anyway, he wants to see me again. #COVIDー19 #QuaratineLife

They're bringing their cats:

They're making dinner for the date:

Got stood up for my FaceTime dinner date and realized I made WAY too much food to comfortably eat but I’m prolly gonna eat it anyways😭

And lastly, they're going on second dates!

Happy to report my first FaceTime date was excellent. We’re planning a second date for drinks and a movie! (Also over FaceTime I take social distancing very seriously)

Yup, welcome to 2020. Keep socially distancing, keep washing your hands, and STAY POSITIVE!


An earlier version of this post included two people who were not on a date, but were instead American actors FaceTiming.