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Cody Rigsby Is Facing Backlash For His Comments About Taylor Swift

The fitness instructor needs to stop with the Taylegend slander ASAP.

Hi, welcome to the year 2022, where it's not socially acceptable or cool or OK to hate on successful women.

Especially when the successful woman is 11-time Grammy winner and talented superstar phenomenon Taylor Swift.

Taylor holding a Grammy

Well, if you've seen Dancing With the Stars or ridden a Peloton, you may have come across 35-year-old fitness instructor Cody Rigsby.

He's a fan favorite, and I feel like we might get along, but his obsession with hating on Taylor is really strange and not cool.

For example, people have pointed out that he often shades Taylor during his rides. Like, sir, this is a workout class.

i like cody rigsby, but unfortunately he does need to stop hating on taylor swift for no reason. saying you don’t enjoy someone/their music once or twice, ok, but literally any time this woman’s name comes up you feel the need to loudly remind everyone you hate her? & for why???

Twitter: @icedmaddietea

He's literally said Taylor can't sing and didn't deserve to win Album of the Year — which is just untrue:

He said he'd rather "sit naked on a hot grill" than listen to Taylor's critically acclaimed album Midnights:


Ill go ahead and put the 🐍 here so you don’t have to waste your time

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He said he hates talking on the phone — and that he'd "rather go to a Taylor Swift concert" than do so:


When @cody_rigsby begins with the Taylor slander.... #taylorswift #pelotonbike #codyrigsby

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He said if Taylor was "giving a performance" in his kitchen, he "wouldn't go":


If you are a fan of @cody_rigsby, you already know the answer 😂 Although Cody is NOT going to be attending the taylorswifterastour, he’s sending love to all the #swifties out there! #ticketmaster #codyrigsby

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Alexa, please play "Obsessed" by multi-Grammy winner and legend Mariah Carey:

Luckily, Taylor is booked and busy selling out stadiums left and right:

Taylor onstage

And shattering numerous historic records:

Taylor Swift broke records from the likes of Drake, Michael Jackson and The Beatles, Billboard reports.

Republic / @PopBase

Aaaaaand winning award after award:

Taylor holding an award

Aaaaand just thriving overall:

Taylor holding another award

In conclusion, Cody, please get tested for COVID, because you've clearly lost your sense of taste. And stream Midnights. Bye!