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    Posted on Jul 1, 2018

    Paris Hilton Tweeted "Tell Me Something I Don't Know" And Obviously Twitter Delivered

    "Hippos have pink sweat."

    On Saturday, legend/heiress/queen/Kim K's old boss Paris Hilton told people to tell her something she doesn't know:

    As usual, Twitter CAME THROUGH. Here are some of the best answers (which have not been verified, so don't come at me in the comments):


    Hippos have pink sweat


    The word chef literally means "head", the full proper title is "Chef de cuisine" which means "head of the kitchen".

    Twitter: @LesDaChef


    Any right-angled triangle, the square of the length of the hypotenuse equals the sum of the squares of the lengths of the other two sides.

    Twitter: @imcorinnemec


    When ultra-relativistic charged particles move through magnetic fields they are forced to move along a curved path and emit bremsstrahlung, a German term for "braking radiation."

    Twitter: @exjon


    Given N shapes in N-dimensional Euclidean space, it is possible to divide all of them in half with a single (N − 1)-dimensional hyperplane.

    Twitter: @adrianbowyer


    Every odd number that exists has the letter "e" in it.

    Twitter: @J4CKMULL


    Sloths don't fart

    Twitter: @DaniRabaiotti


    A new John Coltrane album came out on Friday.

    Twitter: @tedgioia


    Although English mass nouns often refer to substances or substance-like entities (as in "water" and "sand"), SUPERORDINATE mass nouns often refer to distinct objects! (for instance, you would call a chair "a piece of furniture", not "a furniture")

    Twitter: @paulbloomatyale


    @ParisHilton Welshpool is a town in Wales, historically in the county of Montgomeryshire, but currently administered as part of the unitary authority of Powys. Its Welsh language name Y Trallwng literally means "the marshy or sinking land". Welshpool is the fourth largest town in Powys.


    @ParisHilton There are so many stars in the universe that if it weren't for all the interstellar gas and dust blocking your view the night sky would appear almost entirely bright white.


    @ParisHilton For tax and labeling purposes, Pringles cannot technically be called chips as they aren’t actual thinly sliced potatoes, but dehydrated potato and rice flour pressed into a mold. Therefore they are labeled as “crisps”.


    @ParisHilton There are approximately 70 miles of mycelium (the root of the mushroom) in one square inch of colonized organic matter, such as a decomposing tree trunk. Mycelium can use toxic substances such as oil and e coli bacteria as a food source.


    @ParisHilton Michael Jordan was cut from his highschool basketball team


    @ParisHilton Instead of air, mammals can ‘breathe’ a liquid made from an oxygen-rich perfluorocarbon. This was actually demonstrated on a living rat, in James Cameron’s 1989 undersea movie ‘The Abyss’. Liquid breathing will prevent diver deep-sea decompression sickness, aka ‘the bends’

    In conclusion, I now feel a lot smarter, so thank you for tweeting that Paris.


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