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    17 Parents Who Handled Their Kids Coming Out Like Parents Should

    "Oh, I thought you were gonna ask for money."

    1. This dad, who tried to be relatable:

    happy national coming out day, when i told my dad i was going to start dating women in addition to men last summer he looked me dead in the eye and said "you know, when i was your age, i *also* dated women"

    Twitter: @mollytaft

    2. This adorable brother text:

    Yall look what my little brother texted me this morning 🥺

    Twitter: @bmoore1294

    3. This proud mother:

    4. This quiz-ready dad:

    i came out to my parents a couple months ago and now during my first out pride month my dad just texted me saying he’s been trying to learn more about the lgbtq community and i’m 🥺🌈

    Twitter: @_katie_________

    5. This mother, who wrote their 13-year-old son a touching letter of acceptance.

    A Note to my Kid / PFLAG National

    "Dad and I love you very much. You are growing into such an amazing young man. You are pure potential. We can't wait to see where it takes you."

    6. And this dad, who did the same, preemptively:

    The award for Best Dad Ever goes to this guy, who saved his son the worry of coming out, with this heartwarming note.

    "I've known you were gay since you were 6. I've loved you since you were born. P.S. Your mom and I think you and Mike make a cute couple."

    7. This father's cute gesture:

    if u knew this man ........ my jaw hit the floor :0

    Twitter: @MaxRut

    8. This mom, who treated coming out like it was a casual convo:


    she really said “sexually...???” anywho i came out to my mom today with cupcakes #fyp

    ♬ original sound - cat

    9. This mom, who had a great response:

    10. This mom and son's iconic TikTok:


    I just came out to my mom and this happened. @littlemamalittle

    ♬ original sound - Amy Hayward

    11. These parents who were just good listeners:

    Sometimes I’m a little too honest with my parents... My mom: “you make it back home safe last night?” Me: “well actually I went home with a boy but I made it home this morning 😀” My dad in back of the car: 👁👄👁

    Twitter: @coreytimes

    12. This father, who had a beautifully honest conversation with his queer son:

    So..I finally told my dad I was gay and this is how he reacted.

    Twitter: @itstarekali

    13. This dad, who handled everything great:

    Twitter: @sino_babyy

    14. And same with this dad:

    btw i came out as a lesbian to my dad at taco bell today,,, he was joking about how i should date rich men n i quietly said “i don’t like men” n without missing a beat he went “ok well date rich women instead” ajhsdkkhk he even made more jokes im so happy ;;

    Twitter: @luminecity

    15. Oh, and this dad, too:

    when I came out as bi and told my parents I wanted a girlfriend my mom was like cool and dad said he didn’t care but she better not be ugly LMAOOOOOOO

    Twitter: @quenblackwell

    16. This dad who was hilariously relieved:

    came out to my parents (!) and my dad was like, oh that's nice! i thought you were going to ask for money!

    Twitter: @charlvickers

    17. And lastly, this father who sent this email:

    Happy national coming out day! Be gentle with yourself- there is no “right way” to come out. For example, I came out by forgetting to cancel a free trial for a gay dating app while on a family plan

    Twitter: @mediumnaturals

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