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People Are Sharing Examples Of How Outdated Boomers Are And It's Tea

Student loans do not equal laziness.

This week, I wrote a post about people sharing examples of boomers' outdated thinking. Our BuzzFeed Community then came through with their own personal examples of things boomers say, do, and think that are super outdated.

Two older people sitting next to the water enjoyiing coffee

Here's what they said:

1. "When my husband and I take turns with house chores and I'm told I'm somehow less of a wife and mother because of it."


2. "My boss thinks I should depend on my husband for retirement. Like, I shouldn’t save or invest in that for myself in the event that we split up. I hate that the previous generations still think it’s acceptable to depend on the 'man.'"


3. "My mom thinks that if you are wearing any type of leggings, your butt needs to be covered by your top. And my aunt has a strong belief that it’s important to have a boyfriend to go on trips with."


4. "My mom says it’s unladylike to curse..."


A young woman and an older woman looking solemn on the couch

5. "They believe customers and employees should have loyalty to corporations or workplaces that are detrimental to the customer/employee."


6. "I once got into a 'discussion' with my grandpa about the cost of college. He wholeheartedly believed that student loans were for 'lazy' kids' who just wanted 'free' schooling. Clearly, he didn't understand how student loans work. Sure, 60 years ago, you could work a part-time job and pay for most, if not all, of your classes out of pocket. Now, not so much."


7. "That birth control is the woman’s responsibility and her fault if she gets pregnant. My brother knocked up his girlfriend the first time they had sex, and my mother blamed it all on the girlfriend instead of teaching my brother that he should have taken precautions. Nice one, Mom!"


A woman looking at a birth control pill

8. "My dad would never let me paint my nails, hands, or toes a color other than pink. If you had red nails, it meant you were easy or a prostitute, and forget blue or green! That was just unheard of!"


9. "The most boomer thing that I think of (and I hope it's on its way out) is the sense of entitlement to comment on others’ looks. Many boomers I know think talking plainly about their opinions of other people’s bodies is totally acceptable and fine. And, of course, many seem to think the only acceptable body type is slim."


10. "I did a TikTok dance in public (not filmed), and when we got home, my dad told me that if I keep shaking my ass, no guy is ever going to want me."


Young people dancing in a parking garage

11. "When I used to visit my parents, my mom would ask me if I'd like to get my husband a drink. My answer was always, 'Nope, he knows where the fridge is.'"


12. "My dad and stepmother have formal wedding portraits of their daughters (not sons!) prominently displayed on their walls. Problem is, I have been married three times (the second and third times we eloped, so no portraits). So I have to see my wedding portrait from my first marriage from when I was 20 years old, which lasted all of three years, every time I go to their house. I always wonder, Why not have a portrait of me when I got my doctoral degree? Nope, to them, weddings are the defining moments in a woman's life."


13. "Asking, 'Who gives this woman away?' at weddings. Women are not things to give away. Or having a parent walk them down the aisle. WHY?!"


A man walking a woman down the aisle

14. "That my boomer boss thinks it’s OK to mansplain my own pronouns to me."


15. "My mother literally prints out everything. Recipes, bills, receipts from online purchases, emails, everything. My personal favorite is when she photocopies cartoons from the physical newspaper and mails them to me (I live 10 miles away)."


16. "My aunt basically said I didn't have a boyfriend because girls should be quiet, calm, and docile around men."


Do you have any examples they might've missed? Let me know in the comments below!