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    Non-Rich People Are Sharing Out-Of-Touch Advice That Rich People Need To Just Stop Giving

    "If you think gas is too expensive, just buy an electric car."

    On Tuesday, Reddit user u/Salazard260 asked, "Poor people, what's the most comically out-of-touch 'advice' you've been given by someone wealthier?" People came through with some genuinely terrrrrible advice that rich people need to just stop giving.

    Here's what they said:

    1. "That I need to buy several apartments and rent them out. Unfortunately, he did not tell me where to get money to buy several apartments."


    2. "A mom to my mom, who's a single mother with three kids: 'You should just stop working if you are so stressed about it.'"


    3. "I remember when I was at high school and I mentioned to someone that I'd like a gaming PC but couldn't afford it. He said, 'Can you not just ask your parents for the money?'"


    4. "'If you think gas is too expensive, just buy an electric car.' If I'm unable to pay $50 for a tank of gas, I'm certainly not going to be able to buy a new car, whether it's electric or not."


    5. "'Just put it on a credit card.' A friend told me after I told her I couldn't afford to fly to Mexico with her for spring break. I told her I'd still have to pay it off and she looked at me with the most confused look on her face."


    6. "'Why don't you get a bigger apartment? I could never live like this.' Yeah, thanks, I didn't live with three other people on 14.5 square meters because I loved the coziness."


    7. “'Move to a cheaper state.' They say it as if it’s like changing deodorant brands."


    8. "'I don't understand why your generation rents. Just buy a house?'"


    9. "'You should go out more in the right places — that’s how you build a network for later in life.' Honey, I can barely afford pasta and one single drink with friends each week."


    10. "When boomers constantly brag about — or try and give advice on — paying for college. College was exponentially cheaper and financially manageable decades ago."


    11. "Back when I was making $9.50 an hour my stepmom was constantly on my case over the fact that I had furnished my apartment with a bunch of cheap, mostly thrift-store furniture. She was insistent that I needed to drop thousands of dollars on good-quality, top of the line furniture both because it would last longer and if I ever had to have my colleagues over for dinner they'd be far more impressed with my furnishings."


    12. "When someone says, 'Never buy a used house.' So out of touch."


    13. "When I was poor, I was told how to buy in bulk and fill a freezer. Transport that bulk with what gas money? What freezer? Yeah, no."


    14. "That I should have at least $20,000 in savings for an 'emergency fund.' Sir, I live paycheck to paycheck."


    15. "When I had no established credit, I was once told to 'Just go get a loan or something.' It was comical — because at the time no sane loan officer would have given me a gum ball on credit."


    And lastly:

    16. "The classic 'Drink less Starbucks' and 'Stop eating avocado toast' line. If someone is poor, I don’t think they’re buying expensive cups of coffee every day, and I’ve never even met anyone who easts avocado toast."


    Did they miss any? Let me know in the comments below!