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Just 14 Awkward Moments From The Wildest Oscars In A Looong Time

Ummm...Will Smith and Chris Rock??????

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If you're like me, you love the awkward moments during awards shows. And despite being a prestigious affair, the Oscars were still home to some quality cringe/uncomfortable moments this year.

The Academy Award

Here are some of the best. Enjoy!

1. Before the show started, Anthony Hopkins did this preshow dance, which very much gave Hannibal Lecter vibes:

Twitter: @AnthonyHopkins

2. Vanessa Hudgens made this bizarre but, like, very on-brand shoutout to Lin-Manuel Miranda's wife, who has COVID:

@Vegalteno @TheAcademy @Lin_Manuel @ltmphd @mamacita1126 @CrespoX6 @VAMNit The #Encanto cast showing love to Tio @Lin_Manuel and @VanessaHudgens showing love to @VAMNit.

Twitter: @lindadoruiz
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3. People were pointing out how a lot of the "live" coverage wasn't exactly live:

Jessica Chastain is being interviewed with a "LIVE" chyron emblazoned on the bottom of the screen. We know she's inside cheering on the makeup & hairstyling win for THE EYES OF TAMMY FAYE. The Academy should never do this again.

Twitter: @SeanFennessey

4. The camera caught Jessica Chastain seemingly giving Amy Schumer the stink eye during her monologue after Amy said, "I'm back."

Jessica sitting in the audience clapping and looking unamused

jessica chastain looking at amy schumer like 😐

Twitter: @batfiIm

that cut to jessica chastain as Amy Schumer said “im back”

Twitter: @jasiashley

5. Amy made this bruuuuutal J.K. Simmons joke:

Amy, Wanda, and Regina standing together, with text from Regina: "We've been dealing with COVID for two years; it's been really hard on people"
Text from Amy, with the camera on J.K. Simmons: "I mean, just look at Timothée Chalamet"

6. There seemed to be some audio/mic issues during Mila Kunis's introduction of Reba McEntire's performance:

Mila standing onstage with her arms folded in front of her

7. Lupita Nyong'o said, "That's you" to Ruth Carter after she missed her cue:

Lupita looking at Ruth onstage

8. The director of Drive My Car, Ryusuke Hamaguchi, was cued off by music but persisted and said, "Just one more minute!"

Ryusuke Hamaguchi onstage holding his Oscar, with a woman standing next to him

9. The "We Don't Talk About Bruno" performance seemed generally off-key:

A guitarist accompanies a woman singing the song onstage

10. Chris Rock made an offensive joke about Jada Pinkett Smith looking like "G.I. Jane." Jada has been open about her struggles with alopecia, which causes hair loss. She looked as if the joke hurt her feelings:

Close-up of Jada in the crowd looking unamused

11. And then Will Smith approached Chris and hit him in the face:

VIA JAPANESE TELEVISION: The uncensored exchange between Will Smith and Chris Rock


12. Amy called Kirsten Dunst a seat filler!!!!

More awkward moments at the Oscars: Amy Schumer, with one of the most unfunny jokes of all time, moved Kirsten Dunst out of her seat, calling her a "seat filler," prompting husband Jesse Plemons to say "you know that was my wife?"


13. Diane Warren had a less-than-happy reaction to Billie Eilish's win for Best Original Song:

Presenters Zoë Kravitz and Jake Gyllenhaal onstage with cutouts of the five Original Song nominees, with an arrow pointing to the "Somehow You Do" songwriter looking stone-faced

14. And lastly, Kristen Stewart appeared to shake her head when Jessica won for Best Actress:

Presenter Anthony Hopkins onstage looking at the envelope with cutouts of the five Best Actress nominees, with the text: "And the winner is Jessica Chastain!"

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