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    Here's Why A Lot Of Celebs Are Saying "Ontas" On Social Media

    It's, like, sexual.

    You've probably noticed — or maybe you haven't — the word Ontas floating around celebs' social media.

    Celebs are tweeting it at each other:

    Or just tweeting it into the Twittersphere:

    Diplo, who's usually pretty up on the trends, even captioned his Instagram with "Ontas":

    Other celebs are like you and wondering WTF this means:

    Why do I have so many dms on Instagram of people saying "ontas?" Am I missing something? Puedo hablar espanol tambien pero no entiendo.

    Yo what does Ontas mean? Everyone’s been commenting everywhere on my posts saying it😂

    Let me explain. "Ontas" is the abbreviated version of "Dónde estás," which means "Where are you?" in Spanish.

    So, from the internet research I've gathered, it's a sexual phrase, like "U up?" or "Where u at?" for a booty call. According to these tweets, it's a Mexican meme that fuckboys use a lot:

    “Ontas” in Spanish is the short of “¿Dónde estás?” which means “where are you?”. Mexican fuckboys usually use it to know where the person they wanna fuck is, so they can fuck. lmao Your welcome

    @Cyarine "ontas" is a contraction of the Spanish phrase "dónde estás" (commonly used in Mexico), that means "where are you". Regarding the submeaning of the recently trending use of "ontas", it refers to a "booty call", so you're asking "where are you" as a implicit sexual invitation.

    And I even checked Urban Dictionary, and it says pretty much the same thing:

    TL;DR: It's basically a flirty, sexual meme that's saying "Where are you?" aka let's hookup. Bye!