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No One's Noticed This One Detail In "13 Reasons Why" That Explains The Ending

This explains everything.

If you haven't finished13 Reasons Why, exit out of this post right now because I am about to end all debates about the last episode.

So, in Episode 12, a 17-year-old is rushed to the hospital, being treated for a gunshot to the head.

It's revealed that the victim is Alex Standall.


At the end of the series, we're basically left with two theories about this situation. The first is that Alex shot himself, but it seems too obvious in a show like this.

So, a lot of fans came up with the theory that it was the creepy stalker photographer, Tyler.

If you recall, Tyler was bullied throughout the whole show, and at the end, he has a shitload of guns.

And he's seen looking at Alex's picture in the last few minutes of the series.

But, after noticing this one detail, I'm pretty sure Alex did try to kill himself.

Yes, there's that eerie pool scene, which mirrored Hannah in the bathtub.

...and yes, there's the pressure of his strict father.

...and the fact that he seemed to feel the most guilty about what happened to Hannah.

But there's one specific detail that hints that he tried to shoot himself. Do you remember what Alex before he was rushed to the hospital? He CLEANED HIS ROOM.

Even his dad complimented it.

Do you know who else cleaned their room? HANNAH. Right before everything happened.

And according to WebMD, it is one of the signs of suicide.