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People Are Calling Olivia Jade's Post About Racism And Privilege Tone-Deaf

Maybe not the best person to talk about privilege.

You know YouTuber Olivia Jade by now. She's the daughter of Fuller House actor Lori Loughlin.

Last month, Loughlin pleaded guilty to bribing her daughter's way into the University of South California in what is now the infamous college scandal of 2019.

Well, Olivia recently posted on Instagram about the global Black Lives Matter movement right now.

"As a person who was born into privilege based on my skin color and financial situation, I was not always aware that these issues were still so present. And that makes me feel awful. But that also fuels me," she wrote.

“It makes me want to learn more and do more and be better for all my beautiful black friends and any other person who faces discrimination.”

“I’m not racist and I never have been, but I need to speak up about this because just not being racist isn’t enough. It outrages me," she added. "It makes me feel sick. It brings me to tears. THERE SHOULD NOT BE SUCH A GAP BETWEEN PEOPLE LIKE THIS. We need to support and stand up and speak and use our WHITE PRIVILEGE TO STOP THIS.”

Her statement, while well-intentioned, was met with backlash and viewed as tone-deaf — especially given her situation:

@TMZ @Fox411 The college admissions scandal contributes to the sense of outrage felt by many who take to the streets and violently protest systemic entitlement,privilege and discrimination, while sweet lil olivia jade drops make-up tutorials like nothing happened. dumb, clueless and tone deaf

olivia jade talking about white privilege like her parents didn’t bribe her way into usc 😭😭 celebrities are so tone deaf i hate it here

LOL @oliviajadee posting about white privilege! The audacity you have to post about privilege when your parents tried to forge documents and buy you a spot at @USC is beyond me. Honestly how tone deaf and out of touch could you be?? Just sit down and shut up.

It's worth noting that Olivia Jade has posted about donating to Black Lives Matter, which is great. But maybe she shouldn't be lecturing about privilege.

What are your thoughts on her statement? Let me know in the comments below.