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    Offset Almost Got Attacked By A Lion And It's Scary AF

    OK WOW.

    You know Offset — he's a rapper in the group Migos and married to Cardi B.

    Offset and Cardi sitting at an awards show

    Well, he recently took a trip to Dubai, where he had a pretty close encounter with a lion.

    Cardi standing next to Offset is sitting at a piano while holding their daughter Kulture

    Offset shared the video on Instagram. It shows him petting the feline, who seems calm and totally cool at first.

    Well, that changed real quick. The lion lunges to bite Offset and almost gets him!

    The handler then had to restrain the lion because it looked pretty pissed!

    "[I] had no business playing with this damn lion 🦁," Offset captioned the video. "I was scared no 🧢."

    Uh, yeah! This would've been me right after the first bite attempt.

    You can watch the full moment here!