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    14 Nurses Who Do More Than Just Play Cards

    They're not playing Go Fish.

    Last week, Sen. Maureen Walsh, a state senator in Washington, said nurses spend a "considerable amount of time playing cards."

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    Let's be clear. They do not play cards.

    1. They play with these machines that are critical to patients' lives:

    Nurses don't play cards, they play follow the line. #Nurse

    2. They work in chaotic, fast-paced emergency rooms:

    I am a Registered Nurse. I use a stethoscope. I work in the Emergency Room. I am Canadian and Canadian Nurses don’t have time to play cards either! #maureenwalsh now you pissed off Canadian Nurses too 😡

    3. The witness traumatic and tragic times:

    I am a paediatric nurse too and have been so for many years . I too have witnessed very very traumatic and tragic times involving the deaths of children . But nothing absolutely nothing is and was ever as bad as my own daughter dying .

    4. They comfort people:

    Hey #nurses let’s show Washington State #SenatorWalsh our cards, I’ll start: I’m a pediatric nurse who has comforted a teenager who was dying from cancer, preformed CPR on a patient who didn’t make it, has seen the horrors of child abuse & opioid epidemic... #showyourcards

    5. They barely have time for bathroom breaks:

    I am a registered nurse. I rarely had time for a bathroom break much less time to “play cards” 😳 #IStandWithNurses

    6. Or lunch breaks:

    Senator Maureen Walsh please check your facts before dissing a profession. I am a nurse that works in a small hospital and in the last two years since I've been there...i have not had a lunch break nor enough time to pee during a 12 hour shift. Educate yourself.

    7. They work long hours:

    @morethanmySLE I've seen nurses run to get to a patients room. My son has been in and out of the hospital all his life. Nurses work long hours and don't get the credit they deserve. Maybe Senator Maureen Walsh has time to play cards. I can assure you the nurses that take care of my son don't !

    8. They save lives:

    @ColorfulRN I am not an #AmericanNurse, I am a Nigerian Nurse, and we are the most ethical and responsible association in Nigeria. I work in the #ER & I've saved many lives more than I cant count even in d absence of best gadgets, more than the lost. It's a hard fight saving ppl from death.

    9. They even study on breaks!

    A State Sen. In WA said #nurses "probably play cards for a considerable amount of the day." Nope. They’re working hard treating patients. On breaks they study to become even better nurses!

    10. They help people during the worst times in their lives:

    @VABVOX I wouldn’t advise play cards with them. Nurses have the best Poker Faces. I have received so much support from nurses in every specialty. They excel in talking you down off the ceiling on what is your worst day ever. This person is so wrong.

    11. They repair equipment:

    @VABVOX Um... what? I’ve seen them repair equipment, clean up messes and comfort families but never once have I seen them play cards

    12. They use their expert judgment in life-or-death situation:

    @VABVOX Nurses certainly saved my life. Friends told me when doctors moved on from removing me from a ventilator, nurses kept on trying.

    13. They do all these tasks:

    @WhitfordBradley @repmaureenwalsh Been an ER nurse for 15 years. I don’t own a deck of cards. I *can* go an entire shift without eating. I *can* grab & run w/an unresponsive child. I *can* deliver a baby in a car. But yeah, don’t know how to play poker, or most card games beyond “go fish” @JoshMalina help?

    14. They stand for 16 hours a day sometimes:

    @thessamd08 She stands up to 16 hours a day while bending over an operating table. She also wears a heavy lead shield under this gown most days. My daughter is the best. There’s no time to play cards when you’re assisting with an organ transplant. Nurses deserve better.

    Nurses, thank you. Let's all make an effort to let the nurses we know that we are eternally grateful for all they do!