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Updated on Apr 22, 2019. Posted on Apr 14, 2017

16 Insane Things In '00s Music Videos That'll Make You Say, "Who Signed Off On This?"

Why is Paris Hilton seducing a middle schooler?

1. When Paris Hilton seduced a middle schooler in "Nothing in This World."

Warner Bros. Records

2. When Kelly Rowland sent a text using Microsoft Excel in "Dilemma."

Republic Records

3. When a Blink-182 member made out with these binoculars in "All the Small Things."

MCA Records

4. When Zack Galifianakis rapped and starred in the alternate video for Kanye West's "Can't Tell Me Nothing."

Def Jam Recordings

5. When the "Stacy's Mom" video featured the little kid masturbating.

Virgin Records

6. When Ludacris was a dancing toddler in "Stand Up."

The Island Def Jam Music Group

7. When the guys from NSYNC were dancing puppets who landed on a train once they were cut in "Bye Bye Bye."

Sony Music

8. When Kathy Griffin played the nurse in "The Real Slim Shady."

Interscope Records

9. When Mariah Carey dressed up as Eminem (allegedly) in "Obsessed."

The Island Def Jam Records

10. When Justin Bieber created a scavenger hunt in "One Less Lonely Girl" and wrote this note.

The Island Def Jam Music Group

11. When Kim Kardashian was the love interest in Fall Out Boy's "Thnks fr th Mmrs."

The Island Def Jam Records

12. When Rihanna spooned with a mannequin in "Disturbia."

The Island Def Jam Music Group

13. When the star of Britney Spears' "Piece of Me" was the girl in the silver dress.

14. When Xtina hosted a boxing/apocalypse orgy in "Dirrty."

RCA Records

15. When Avril Lavigne literally STOLE THIS COP'S nachos in "Complicated."

Arista Records

16. And finally, when R. Kelly was "Trapped in the Closet" for 33 videos.

Sony Music

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