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    Nicole Scherzinger Gave Us All The Tea On "The Masked Singer"

    "We can say whatever the flip we want."

    With the first season of The Masked Singer underway, we got Nicole Scherzinger to sit down and answer some of YOUR burning questions about the wildly popular new show.

    She broke down everything we need to know about the show, its rules, and of course, the contestants.

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    What made you decide to join the show as a host?

    Are the responses from the judges pre-decided?

    Are the singers coached or trained through the show? Or is everything their own talent?

    Do you ever get to talk to the contestants one-on-one back stage?

    Which judge is the best guesser?

    What if the mask were to fall off in the middle of a performance?

    Can't get enough of Nicole and The Masked Singer? Tune into the show Wednesday nights at 9 p.m.!