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Nicole Kidman Had The Best Response To A Chef Who Was Rude To Her On "Ellen"

"It's a little tough."

So Nicole Kidman — Oscar winner, incorrect clapper, and absolute legend — was on Ellen Tuesday with celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis.

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The first task was to make some meatballs, and it seemed like Nicole was not really feelin' Giada's ball jokes.

This is when Giada started to throw shade AT NICOLE KIDMAN, implying she's bad at making meatballs.

You could tell Nicole had enough of the ball jokes.

Nicole was basically like, "Can you not?"

I mean, look at the face she made behind Giada's back.

Then Giada threw more shade at Nicole, calling her "the woman who can't cook."

"THE WOMAN WHO CAN'T COOK?" That woman is an Academy Award winner and clapping icon.

Nicole and Ellen then decided to try Giada's pizza.

And Nicole gave the most iconic feedback, using just a few words: "It's a little tough."

Nicole was then all "sorry not sorry."

To be fair, Giada said the pizza had been sitting out, so it got hard. Still, though, can we appreciate Nicole's shade and side-eyes throughout the segment?