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    Nicki Minaj Had The Most Priceless Reaction To Drake Complimenting Vanessa Hudgens At The Billboard Music Awards

    "EXCUSE ME?"

    So last night at the Billboard Music Awards, Drake won Top Billboard 200 Album for Views.


    And in his acceptance speech, he complimented Vanessa Hudgens, saying she looks incredible.


    Which she did.

    Isaac Brekken / Getty

    But Nicki Minaj — who, like, may or may not be dating Drake at the moment — was not here for the shoutout. First she was like WTF:


    Then looked at us, like "Is he kidding?"


    What she said out loud is even better — "EXCUSE ME? WHAT ABOUT ME?!"


    Luckily, Drake recovered and gave Nicki Minaj an even more special shoutout in his speech, saying he's happy they're on good terms again.

    Cash Money Records

    Dating or not — these two are just great. (And so is Vanessa.)

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