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    Millennials Are Reacting To The California Earthquakes In The Most 2019-Ish Ways

    Livestreams, skits, memes, etc.

    So you've probably seen that there were multiple earthquakes in California since the beginning of July. Obviously, natural disasters are no joke, but people did make light of the situation on social media in super-millennial-ish ways:

    These are the earthquakes Southern California has experienced this week, culminating with the region's strongest recorded quake in 20 years on Friday night. Seismologists are warning that further episodes are expected.

    Also, it's important to note that no one died!

    1. They're livestreaming:

    BITCH WHY I was on live right now when the earthquake hit

    2. They're memeing it:

    3. Like, the memes were amazing:

    nah to have like 3 earthquakes in two days ain’t normal

    4. They're showing their priorities:

    I ran to protect our new TV when the #earthquake hit. My wife is pregnant. We’re having a conversation now.

    5. Like, worrying about viral challenges:

    i tried to do the bootle cap challenge and earthquake happen

    6. They're texting their exes:

    Gonna text my ex on the next earthquake 👀

    Should I text my ex after this earthquake ?

    7. And their crushes:

    Hoping these earthquakes don't get any longer because otherwise my crushes will be getting some uncomfortable texts.

    8. They're joking that their "hottness triggered" it, SMH:

    9. They're unbothered:

    My favorite video that has come out of these earthquakes #EarthquakeLA

    10. They're finishing their chores:

    When a 7.1 earthquake hits Cali and your Mexican dad sends you to sweep the spilling water back into the pool 😂🧹😂 #Priorities #EarthquakeLA #laearthquake @wearemitu

    11. They're oblivious:

    My friend in Los Angeles posted on Facebook about hoping to “wake up from the nightmare.” I assumed he meant the earthquakes, so I texted him:

    12. They have suspects:

    Another earthquake hit California last night, it is reported that these 2 are most likely the cause of it:

    13. They made skits:

    Actual footage taken during this morning’s earthquake. #EarthquakeLA

    14. TBH, their reactions were iconic:

    “I felt that Earthquake in my pussy”

    Wow. Well, stay safe everyone!