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17 Disasters That Would Only Happen To Millennials/Gen Z'ers

This stuff only happens to us.

Millennials and Gen Z'ers often argue and disagree, but there's one thing they can come together on — the problems we face are unique AF. Here are some disasters people shared that would only happen to our generations:


1. This Instagram moment:

Accidentally just replied to a boy I fancy off my HAMSTERS Instagram account goodnight

2. This fiery fiasco:

Not my sister stripping while the house on fire......I can’t breathe

3. This Twitter-based breakup:

Someone being told "I saw your Twitter, I don't think this is gonna work out."

4. This "voting" moment:

5. This boss's text to an employee:

6. This wrong sext to a parent:

If you think you’re having a bad day I bet I have you beat

Woman sends wrong text to her dad, "Babe, I wish we could fuck and eat pizza after every night."

7. This exaggerated comparison of age:

when i was 22 i dated a guy who was 27 who broke up w me because we were “just at different places in our lives” and then he told me “for example i have to stretch every morning”

8. This DM proposal:

9. This typo to a professor:


10. And this Zoom class interaction with a professor:


poor guy was jus tryna teach😂 #fyp #zoom

♬ original sound - sky

11. And this ultra-millennial moment of forgetting you have twins:

“The doctor charged us twice.” No Steve, we have twins.

A mom reminding a dad that they were charged twice because they have twins

12. This flirt fail:

I asked this dude if he needed “help” in the shower and he said “no I’ve been doing it since I was little” and went and showered by himself

13. And this one, too:

14. This awkward moment:

I went in my brothers room just now to talk to him, and I layed in his bed and poked him. And some random girl turned around and said “Your brother went to get us food”. WTF. 🤣🤣🤣

15. This landlord exchange:

thinking about this exchange with my landlord in February

16. This peak millennial/Gen Z moment:

saw my therapist on Grindr today, what's good?

17. And lastly, this thirst trap turned edited ad promo, WTF:

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