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    16 Things People Don't Realize Are Millennial/Gen Z Cusp Culture

    "Fighting with your parents because they were mean to customer service workers."

    Those on the cusp of being either a millennial/Gen Z'er know that it's a pretty unique experience. Here are some tweets that sum up what it's like:


    millennial/Gen Z cusp culture is asking ur friends if someone is cancelled to decide the tone to take when you write a tweet about them from the toilet


    true millennial/gen z cusp culture is watching reviews of vacuums on youtube before buying one


    Millennial/gen z cusp culture is being the wrong age in every space and being acutely uncomfortable about it


    suite life of zack and cody is peak cusp millennial/gen z culture


    millennial/gen z cusp culture is saying “no problem” after your barista fucks up your drink because you really don’t want to stress her out and it’s just not worth you’re time to be upset


    millennial/gen z cusp culture: - nostalgia for the wii and (if you were a hardcore gamer) gamecube - spongebob memes - the mcelroy brothers - if you were talented and gifted you have anxiety now - twitter, then tumblr, then twitter again, and facebook for convenience - communism!


    millennial teen culture was spilling tea about your friends and judging your peers. cusp/gen z is spilling tea about the government and judging fragile politicians with your peers


    millennial/gen z cusp culture is having a thorough but little used knowledge of bbcode


    Gen Z and Millennial culture is searching up job listings while at your current job


    Millennial/Gen Z culture is being more familiar with a song through the Glee cover than through the actual version


    Millennial/older gen z culture is checking the snap map to see if your roommate is still asleep or if they’ve already left


    Millennial and Gen Z Culture is having a midlife crisis before you’re even 30 years old.


    Millennial/gen z culture is getting judged for how you were raised by the generation that raised you.


    adult culture is having to buy batteries but millennial/gen z adult culture includes buying them on amazon


    millennial/gen z culture is fighting with your parents because they were unnecessarily mean to customer service workers


    millennial culture/gen z culture is your parents telling you that you were “good with computers” as a kid bc you figured how to access the general settings menu