"Midnights" Is Taylor Swift's Best Album. Here's Why.

    Midnights has the confessional, diaristic elements of Debut, Fearless, and Speak Now; it has the storytelling prowess of Folklore and Evermore; it has the sonic multiplicity of Red; it has the synth-laden bops of 1989 and Lover; and it has the no-fucks-given attitude of Reputation.

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    Facts are facts. Taylor Swift's best album is Midnights. Let me tell you why.

    For starters, Midnights is a culmination of all the strengths of Taylor's albums.

    Taylor looking over her shoulder

    Tayor tackles the overwrought, misogynistic memes-in-Impact-font circa 2010, criticisms that people still love to use against her.

    Taylor singing on stage

    Taylor talks about her legacy in an unprecedented way:

    Taylor giving a speech at NYU
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    There's an impressive level of freshness to the album.

    Taylor at the VMAs

    Taylor explored different corners of the emotional spectrum on this album.

    close up of Taylor

    She doesn't give a fuck — in the best way:

    closeup of Taylor

    Taylor broke a lot of her "rules"...

    Taylor singing and playing guitar on stage

    ...while still adhering to her go-tos.

    Taylor arriving to an event

    Her pen game is strong as fuck on this album:

    It shouldn't matter, but it does. It's an extremely 2022 album, but still a Taylor Swift album:

    Taylor at the VMAs

    And lastly, every song is a bop.

    Taylor holding her VMA awards

    Have you listened to Midnights? Let me know in the comments below!

    You can listen to Midnights everywhere, out now.

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