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Michael B. Jordan And Jonathan Majors Were Caught In 4K Checking Out A Reporter As She Walked Away, And The Reporter Responded

"My wagon went viral..."

You know Michael B. Jordan and Jonathan Majors. They are movie stars who also look like gods:

closeup of the two

Well, they've been on a press tour for their new film Creed III, and one interview moment in particular has gone viral.

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@PayOrWait / Via youtube.com

The two stars appeared to have a great rapport with Pay Or Wait interviewer, Sharronda Williams. She seemed to really vibe with them, and they seemed to have a great talk about the film, masculinity, and the Creed series.

Michael and Jonathan during the interview

But the big viral moment was when Sharronda walked away and the two movie stars were caught checking her out.

closeup of the two watching her walk away

A clip of the moment garnered over 4 million views on Twitter:

Not Jonathan Majors and Michael b Jordan watching the interviewer walk away LOL

Twitter: @_the_realp / Via @PayOrWait / youtube.com

People were living for it:

Twitter: @Dreams_on_Paper / Via 20th century films

@_the_realp Respectfully of course

Twitter: @Kc_indep_lady
comments reading johnathan moving his head and michael following with his eyes

After the story was picked up by The Shade Room, Sharronda reposted the moment on her Instagram story. "Y'all, this is so wild! What is happening?!?!?!"

the instagram story

She also shared a post where she joked about her "wagon going viral."

Yup! You can watch the full interview here.