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    12 Awkward Moments From The 2022 Met Gala

    What happened this year???????? Lmao...

    Listen, I know the Met Gala is a super swanky event where it seems like everyone is perfect. But honestly, it's not immune to awkward moments — especially this year!!!!

    an overlook at the red carpet

    Here are some of my favorite Met Gala awkward moments this year:

    1. People pointed out how a lot of celebs were serving "Go, girl, give us nothing" this year:

    this year’s met gala theme must be the shein age not the gilded age

    Twitter: @voguepearls

    fashion in the gilded age is supposed to be about showing off your wealth and extravagance why are these celebs wearing party dresses that look like they came from a zara sale

    Twitter: @girIsonfiIm

    2. And people pointed out there was a shortage of A-listers:

    no zendaya, no alexa demie, no hunter schafer, no rihanna, no beyoncé, no ariana grande, no taylor swift, no timothée chalamet, no emily blunt, no hailee steinfeld... #MetGala


    3. Amy Schumer said she thinks about a "vibrator" when she hears "Gilded Glamour":

    Amy Schumer tells Variety that a vibrator comes to mind when she thinks of this year’s #MetGala theme, ‘Gilded Glamour.’

    Twitter: @PopCrave Variety

    4. Emma Chamberlain was reapplying makeup as Jack Harlow approached for an interview:

    5. Then Jack and Emma had this bizarre interaction:

    this has to be the funniest thing on emma chamberlain’s met gala interviews

    Twitter: @frostedchalamet Vogue

    6. When asked about the theme of "Gilded Glamour," Kourtney Kardashian said, “I honestly didn’t really think about it."

    Kourtney laughing and looking back at Travis while being interviewed

    7. Nicki Minaj called out a reporter who leaked that she was gonna be there — as she should!!

    “Im about to come up to you and slap the sh*t out of you, Come Here” I love her 🤣🤣🤣@NICKIMINAJ #MetGala2022 #MetGala

    Twitter: @DarrellTheDon

    “Are you the man that leaked that I was gonna be here? It was you. I’m about to come up to you and slap the shit out of you," she said.

    8. Kylie Jenner's "gilded" look, well, kinda fell flat:

    i want to love this so badly but she just looks uncomfortable and it just isn’t KYLIE JENNER #MetGala #MetGala2022

    Twitter: @samanthaarcee

    me after seeing kylie jenner’s outfit #MetGala

    Twitter: @gngboo / Via

    9. There were a lot of celebrity exes present — including Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler and Pete Davidson and Phoebe Dynevor and Kaia Gerber.

    10. Annita and Megan Thee Stallion had this awkward faux-behind-the-scenes moment:

    This is so weird, anitta clearly asked her manager to record this awkward interaction and tried to play it cool when Meg saw the camera 🥴 #metgala

    Twitter: @NickiBeChillin

    11. Lizzo and Jacob Elordi did this TikTok, which kinda seemed like a draft?????????? IDGI?

    .@Lizzo shares new TikTok with Jacob Elordi.

    Twitter: / Via

    (Still love them, though.)

    12. And lastly, per usual, 80% of the men gave us suits. Yup, just suits...

    Jacob Elordi in a a suit with embroidered black rhinestones


    another man wearing a suit

    ...and more suits:

    Pete with his back to the cameras throwing a peace sign

    That's all, y'all! For more Met Gala coverage, click here.