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    21 Of The Most Hilarious Messages Of The Month

    The mom asking her son if he has an OnlyFans...

    July is just about over, so of course, a bunch of messages, comments, DMs, and more have gone viral. Here are some of the best.

    1. This dad text thread:

    2. This blunt Grindr message:

    3. This comment:

    Someone needs to have a word with Cheryl .

    4. This typo message:

    5. This backhanded message:

    I want to thank this girl on hinge for reminding me how my stand up career was going pre-pandemic.

    6. This rediscovered Facebook status:

    Happy 11th anniversary to the worst thing I’ve ever posted


    my tinder bio versus the offensive message I just received

    8. And this re-discovered DM:

    a little over a year ago i received this dm. every day since, ive lived in fear

    9. This jury duty Grindr message:

    not me finding out I have jury duty through grindr

    10. This cake-meme text:

    11. This unreal Grindr message:

    12. This dramatic text:

    Girlfriend is just a tiny bit dramatic

    A text reading "I've just sliced my hand open"

    13. This grandma's new way of texting:

    My Grandma recently learned how iMessage text effects work, so naturally I’ve been documenting her using them inappropriately

    14. This misunderstanding:

    15. This drag:

    Martha Stewart dragging Chelsea Handler

    16. This hilarious Instagram ad:

    look at this ad i saw on Instagram WTFFFF

    Profanity-filled Instagram ad of a funny conversation between two people

    17. This boyfriend's drag:

    get a boyfriend they said ? it’ll be fun???? they said????????

    18. This

    Someone DMing "You deserve two boyfriends"

    19. This "shoot your shot":

    Someone shooting their shot because the girl's mom told them text their daughter

    20. This mom's alarming text:

    my mom’s friend just exposed me for having an onlyfans because she saw my photos on her husband’s phone and my mom confronted me 😭

    A mom asking her son if he has an OnlyFans

    21. And lastly, this Tumblr question and answer:

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