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This McDonald's Employee Shared A Bunch Of Tea About McDonald's — And Other Employees In The Comments Confirmed They're True

Sometimes employees are saying the ice cream machine is broken because they're super slammed.

This is 20-year-old college student Ashton. She worked at McDonald's for over a year and a half.

Last February, Ashton went viral with this TikTok, where she spilled the tea about McDonald's.

Here are the secrets shared from the video, which has over 6 million views and counting:

1. Ashton said that there really isn't a "secret menu" — but McDonald's can customize literally everything for you, so that's good!

2. Sometimes the ice cream machine really is broken. But other times, Ashtons said, employees say it's "broken/not working" when it's being cleaned, which happens "on the clock," when the ice cream isn't cold yet; or when "we’re backed up with cars," in which case "we’ll just not serve ice cream until the rush is over."

3. “That life hack, ‘Get a fry with no salt. Just ask for salt at the window. You’ll get a fry made fresh," Ashton said. The smarter move: "You can just ask for the fry made fresh, and they’ll make it fresh.”

4. Ashton said that "the oil in the fryer gets changed once a week." Per McDonald's website, the oil is filtered daily and changed "at regular intervals."

5. To save money on ice cream treats, Ashton said to opp for the cone. "The cone is significantly less expensive than a sundae. So if you want a sundae, get a cone, and ask for it in a cup. It’s less money for the same amount of ice cream, and you get a cone."

6. The freshest thing to order? "Quarter meat is fresh," according to Ashton. "It’s in a fridge. It’s not frozen. We drop it in every time we get an order. So, if you want something fresh, order a quarter pounder."

7. And the best time for the best quality fast food — LATE! "If you want something fresh, after 10 or 11 o’clock, everything is cook-to-order," she said. "So, if you want fresh, come later."

8. And upon request, workers will make your cookies fresh. "If you want cookies, and you want them to taste good, ask them to make them fresh. They literally take two minutes, and they’re delicious when they’re fresh."

9. Though tips aren't allowed, workers really do appreciate them. "We’re technically not allowed to accept tips. But genuinely, tip your service workers — it will literally make our day. A fucking dollar will make our day. Tip us!"

10. Next time you order a McFlurry, tell them to "mix it well," Ashton said. "Don’t ask for extra M&Ms or Oreos. It’s a waste of money. The reason they’re at the bottom is because some workers don’t mix it well. Ask them to mix it well."

11. "The water bottle is such a waste of money. You can get a large cup of water for free," Ashton said. Personally, I always go for the water cup. Like, it's the same...

12. Ashton suggests asking for a free meal card instead of a refund if you're disappointed with your order. "You can get anything on the menu — the most expensive thing too," she said.

13. Ashton said accruing points in the app can take a long time — but said the rewards you get via the app are the way to go.

After watching her video, I went to the comments and saw that other McDonald's workers — past and present — were vouching for Ashton.

How fascinating, right? You can follow Ashton on TikTok here.