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22 Times Mariah Carey Was Absolutely Not Human At All


If y'all know me/know of me/follow me/whatever, you're aware of my undying love for the one and only legend MARIAH CAREY. Not only is she one of the greatest songwriters of all time (that's a post for another day), her voice is truly out of this world.

Here are 22 times she proved she was actually a superhuman:

1. When she hit the opening "Dreamlover" D7 note and legit sounded like a gorgeous bird:

mariah carey hitting a D7 effortlessly while singing "dreamlover" (1993)

Twitter: @thebestofmimi / Via CBS / youtube.com

2. And when she EXTENDED the "Emotions" whistles!!! ARE YOU KIDDING!!!

mariah carey showing how to sound like a bird while singing "emotions" (1993)

Kurt Brady / Via youtube.com

3. When she battled a piano and won:

#Day205 - @MariahCarey...Queen of the whistle register. Actual QUEEN. I mean just listen to her match this upper keyboard note live. Ridiculous. Dolphins around the world are shook! #SongbirdSupreme #WhistleRegister #Band #Intro #Charmbracelet #Tour #Live

Via youtube.com

4. When she did 55 notes in 17 seconds:

@ChalWahinChale @littlexkittenx1 @glosscr Mariah is literally one of the most agile singers ever. She literally hit 55 notes in the WHISTLE REGISTER in 17 seconds


5. When she hit fourteen F5s in a minute in her live performance of "Joy to the World."

Literally, who else can effortlessly belt 14 F5s in one minute? Mariah is a vocal beast

Sony / Via youtube.com

6. When she spoke-sang in whistle register:

7. When she invented running and belting high notes during "Make It Happen" in 2005:

8. When her voice opened a garage door:

Mariah Carey talking about how her high notes opened a garage door 😭


9. When she legit sounded like a bird:

mariah carey having fun singing "all in your mind" acapella (1990)


10. When she wrote 17 of her 18 number ones:

11. When she sang beautifully in a stadium while her in-ear monitors were malfunctioning:

Baby this was 2014 MARIAH still got vocals 💁

Via @Skinwag / youtube.com

12. When she made "America the Beautiful" her own with her unreal vocals. The announcer even said, "THE PALACE NOW HAS A QUEEN."

A new day and new beginnings with a new administration🎉🎉🍾..Here is Mariah Carey performing America the Beautiful. #InaugurationDay

NBA Finals / youtube.com

13. When she sang "Fly Like a Bird" (in its original key) in a restaurant. LIKE, casual...

Carry me higher! 🎶 Impromptu sing-along at dinner 🦋

@mariahcarey / Via Twitter: @MariahCarey

14. When she went higher and higher to appease her dog:

15. When she whistled the words, "Yes, you did!"

mariah carey improvising flawless whistles while singing "vision of love" (2006)

Twitter: @thebestofmimi / Via Pepsi

16. When she scalped the entire audience in 2005:

mariah carey making her growls spring into action while singing "vision of love" (2005)

Twitter: @thebestofmimi / Via BET

17. When she hit the "Love Takes Time" note perfectly:

mariah carey facing the camera serving her beauty and flawless vocals while singing "love takes time" (1990)

Twitter: @thebestofmimi / Via SME / youtube.com

18. When she invented vibrato with the MSG "Make It Happen" performance:

mariah carey emitting a powerful and resonant C#5 while singing "make it happen" (1995)

Twitter: @thebestofmimi / Via youtube.com

19. When she would walk through the halls of an ice rink hitting 6th octave notes:

Starting the day on a high note! Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!! ❤️❤️🥳🎄❄️💝❤️❤️

Twitter: @MariahCarey

20. When she slayed the "If It's Over" climax in front of Aretha Franklin, Patti LaBelle, and more divas a the Grammys in 1992:

mariah carey impressing everyone for her vocal mastery while singing "if it's over" (1992)


21. Most recently, when she slayed the fuck out of the "Emotions" ending whistles in 2021, 20 years later:

Twitter: @MariahCarey

22. And lastly, the "Hero" climax of 1996 in Tokyo speaks for itself:

mariah carey delivering one of her best performances while singing "hero" (1996)

MariahCarey / Via youtube.com

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