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People Are Sharing Their Own Personal Mandela Effect Examples, And I'm Intrigued, Scared, And Creeped Out

These make me feel a lot of things.

For those of you unfamiliar, the Mandela Effect is basically a phenomenon where people have a false sense of memory. Like, if you and others share a long-standing memory that turns out to be inaccurate/incorrect/impossible.


On Monday, Reddit user u/Applescause27 asked people, "What is your favorite example of the Mandela Effect?" From false memories of personal experiences to false memories of movies, TV shows, and more, here's what people shared:

This funeral song:

"My cousin died in a car accident in 1994. His high school band recorded the song 'Time of your Life' by Green Day to have it played at his funeral. My entire family, including his brothers and his parents, remember that song being played because it was his favorite song, and Green Day his favorite band. They even remember having a family discussion before the funeral about whether to let it be played because of its actual name — 'Good Riddance.' That song came out in 1997 — there is no way it could be the same song." — u/chogram

This house mix-up:

"I have very vivid memories of walking into the lounge of my house the morning that 9/11 happened and watching it unfold on TV before I went to school. It was in the second or third house we lived in after my mum and dad broke up. I've always had this vivid memory of being in that house when it happened and watching it unfold. 9/11 happened in 2001, and my parents hadn't broken up yet, meaning it couldn't have been in one of those houses." — u/shittyundies786


This book series:

"The Berenstein Bears — always was, always will be. Turns out, it's actually The Berenstain Bears." —u/showerdrinking

This Disney quote:

"The Evil Queen from Snow White never says 'Mirror, mirror on the wall.' She says, 'Magic mirror on the wall.' As a kid, I could've sworn she said the first line." — u/mjohnsimon


This Schitt's Creek quote:

"The fact that the words 'Ew, David' are only said, like, twice in all of Schitt's Creek, but it's treated like an iconic and ever-present catchphrase." —u/coltonbyu

This Star Wars quote:

"'Luke, I am your father' as opposed to the real quote: 'No, I am your father.'" —u/Big-G_2099

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This video game character:

"There's a character in Final Fantasy IX named 'Blanc.' My roommate and I even joked that it seemed very French, and we made sure to pronounce it that way every time he came on screen. Except it was never actually spelled that way. The official spelling is 'Blank' and always has been, and it confuses me every time I think about it." —u/37bagsofdragonass

And this video game song:

"Theres a pretty popular song from Donkey Kong Country 2 called 'Stickerbrush Symphony' that everyone loves — except it's actually 'Stickerbush,' not 'Stickerbrush.' Also, if you search 'Stickerbush' on Youtube, it will correct it to 'Stickerbrush,' despite being wrong." —u/LegacyLemur


This death:

"I vividly remember Billy Graham dying when I was 16. There was a New York parade in his honor. I watched it with my entire family. He lay in state in the Capitol Building for three days before he was buried. One day, my mom called me and told me she had just seen him on TV." —u/TheJudge00

This song mistake:

"I distinctly remember as a kid in chorus class listening to Kidz Bop covering Ace of Base and thinking, 'I hated this song before, how does having kids singing improve anything?' Then, just last year, I found out Kidz Bop wasn’t a thing until 2001, and I don’t think they ever did Ace of Base." —u/GrundleTurf


This logo false memory:

"There was a cornucopia in the Fruit of the Loom logo. Well, there wasn’t actually — ever. Shit’s weird." —u/Excalib1rd

This historical error:

"I thought I learned that Benjamin Franklin was the president of the United States at some point. He was never a president." —u/theloneman1996

Do YOU have a personal example of the Mandela Effect? Share it with me in the comments below!

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