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    Magic Johnson Quitting Will Be Your New Favorite Meme, I Promise

    I never knew I needed this meme.

    On Wednesday, basketball legend Magic Johnson quit as the president of operations for the Los Angeles Lakers. It's a big deal.

    Harry How / Getty

    And while he quit on Wednesday, this clip where he described what he was thinking, KNOWING he was going to be quitting soon, has now become a big meme.

    Magic Johnson: “They talking about next year... and I’m over here saying I’m not gonna be here hahaha”


    Here are some of the best memes:


    Baby Boomers when you ask them to care about climate change.



    when your friends plan stuff with you for next year and you really bout to transfer


    My boss telling me the company will look completely different in 5 years and I need to get on board


    *1st day of class* Professor: “Attendance isn’t mandatory” Me:


    When you walk into the staff meeting after you put your two weeks in


    Mufasa after Simba asks him why he is giving him so much advice


    politicians when we ask them how we’re going to pay the national debt


    When your boss talks about the company timeline for the next year



    When you ask an anti-vaxxer child what they want for their 5th birthday


    When I run out of excuses to cancel plans

    How would you meme this moment? Share with us in the comments below!

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