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    "Lover" Is Taylor Swift's Best Album. Facts Are Facts.

    And this is coming from someone whose favorite was Red.

    1. First starters, this album itself is a catalyst for real change.

    2. Homophobia isn't the only thing Taylor calls out on Lover. In her iconic and badass song "The Man," she sings about double standards and sexism, which Taylor has suffered from her whole career.

    3. Sonically, this album is so different. Can we please talk about "Paper Rings"? It's a fun, uptempo, love song that sounds like it could be in both a John Hughes movie or a Tony Hawk video game.

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    4. The color imagery. Lover feels like a grown-up, more matured, more seasoned version of Red. If her early 20s โ€” filled with heartbreak and learning experiences โ€” was red, then her late 20s and early 30s โ€” filled with love and redemption โ€” is blue.

    5. "Lover" is her most romantic song ever. Taylor even said it's a song that she wrote from a genuine, real place of true love. No imagining or fantasizing. As if Taylor's catalogue wasn't already timeless, this song secures a place at millions of future weddings.

    6. "Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince," is mysterious, brooding, and perfect at encapsulating the anxiety of living in today's political climate โ€” which Taylor hasn't written about before. Of course, she nails it.

    Why Taylor Swift's "Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince" may be the greatest protest song of our time:

    7. One big thing about Lover that makes it such a force is its newness. "Afterglow" is a brilliant song that could silence all the trolls who hurl the sexist "Maybe you're the problem, Taylor Swift" as if Taylor hadn't written about being wrong or taken accountability before. "Afterglow" is special because it acknowledges being dead wrong with a lover. "I blew things outta proportion, now you're blue," she sings on the track.

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    8. Taylor found another new theme and emotion with "I Forgot That You Existed," a song that isn't vengeful, angry, or even annoyed. It's a catchy little bop that describes the feeling of being so over an ex or friend that you just, you know, forget they existed. And it couldn't feel better.

    9. Another new concept Taylor explored on Lover was dealing with her mom's cancer. "I can't even listen to it," she said, talking about "Soon You'll Get Better." "It's really interesting 'cause I don't think I've written a song quite like that before."

    10. Lover brilliantly transitions and draws parallels from her Grammy-nominated album, Reputation. Just listen how she and Jack Antonoff made "Cruel Summer" a continuation from fan-favorite "Getaway Car."


    11. The bridge in "Cruel Summer." There aren't words to describe its perfection. Skip to 1:38 to witness its magnificence.

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    12. "The Archer" and "Daylight" feature some of Taylor's most personal lyrics ever. It has such a new sound, but is still so quintessentially Taylor Swift. It explores feeling insecure, anxious, unlovable, and even has touches of self-deprecation.

    13. There are just bops upon bops. "I Think He Knows," "Cornelia Street," "Death By A Thousand Cuts," "London Boy," "and ME!" They all sound so unique, yet blend so well to create a fun, bright, sonically cohesive masterpiece. And don't try and come for "False God" โ€” it requires a level of sophistication to appreciate and soon everyone will get there.

    In conclusion, every Taylor Swift album is a force. Every album is an exceptional body of work. But Lover explores new themes, impacts real-world change, and features some of her best lyrics to-date, so I'm going to reiterate: It's her best work, and her best album. Congrats, Taylor.