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    Logan Paul Said He's Going To "Go Gay For Just One Month" For "Male-Only March" And Is Now Getting Called Out

    "Cool prank."

    You've probably heard of controversial YouTuber Logan Paul. If you're under the age of, like, 21, you probably know him from his videos. If you're 21+, you probably know him from his controversy last year, where he filmed a dead body in Japan.

    Well on his podcast on Wednesday, Logan said he's going to try a new resolution for each month.

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    "What is it, Male-Only March?" he said.

    "We’re gonna attempt to go gay for just one month.”

    He was promptly called out by both celebrities and watchers:

    Being gay isn’t a choice, being gay isn’t a phase, being gay shouldn’t be used for a trend and subscribers. Grow up Logan Paul.

    Logan Paul joking about being gay “for one month” while countless LGBT+ around the world are killed & committing suicide for their sexuality, is disgusting. He continues to be an awful representation of the YouTube community & shows he truly has learned NOTHING over the last year

    In 26 states, your employer can fire you for being LGBTQ. LGBTQ children are as much as 7x more likely than their cisgender, heterosexual peers to die by suicide. Nearly a third of LGBTQ children report being bullied on school grounds. Cool prank, Logan Paul.

    Dear Logan Paul and any ignorant, hurtful fool, You can’t “go gay for a month”. Being gay is not a choice. This is an insult to the LGBTQ+ community. Stop this nonsense and stop supporting problematic people.

    what the FUCK is wrong with logan paul he seriously thinks its okay to say hes “going gay for a month” when so many gay/bi people cant come out from fear of being disowned by their family or being kicked out of their homes and jobs or literally being KILLED im truly SO disgusted

    Normally I don’t comment on social media events, but I just don’t understand why anybody/companies would support, pay, or endorse Logan Paul. This is a classic example of an adult child who needs his privileges taken away till he learns a lesson. Nobody is perfect, but come on!!!

    I think we all can agree that exploiting marginalized communities for views and attention is not OK; treating someone's sexuality as a "prank" is offensive and stupid; and being homophobic is not cute or funny. And as a member of the LGBTQ community, I hope Logan will read these critiques and evolve.