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Lizzo Opened Up About Being In A Non-Traditional Relationship With Myke Wright: "Monogamy Is A Little Claustrophobic"

"I think a love relationship that's not monogamous has no rules."

This week, Lizzo appeared on The Breakfast Club, where she opened up about her relationship with boyfriend Myke Wright.

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In the interview, Lizzo shared that she's not really into monogamy. "Tell me more," host Charlamagne tha God said.

Lizzo on The Breakfast Club

"I think a traditional relationship scares me for 10 years, but love is forever. I can love somebody forever," Lizzo said.

Closeup of Lizzo

"Monogamy, I think to me, is a little claustrophobic — I think because there's the rules."

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"I think a love relationship that's not monogamous has no rules," Lizzo continued.

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"I think people who do poly and all that stuff — there's still rules. I don't want any rules," Lizzo said. "But that doesn't mean I'm out here fucking and sucking and ducking. It doesn't mean he is either. It just means that there are no expectations, and that way, the love gets to just be the main event."

Lizzo on "The Breakfast Club"

"It's like, do what you wanna do — as long as you love me, I'm cool," she said.

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Host Angela Yee then asked, "What if [your boyfriend] was like, 'I just want us to be in a monogamous relationship — just me and you. I don't want you to be with anyone else.'"

Myke Wright and Lizzo

"We can still have that — just not call it monogamy," Lizzo said.

Myke Wright and Lizzo

Charlamagne then asked what she'd call it, and she said, "Just love. 'I just love you.' I'm not worried about nobody else," she added. "I'm not worried about anybody else sexually, romantically, emotionally. I'm just worried about you. I'm just thinking about you."

Closeup of Lizzo

"I think that's what we have, which is the most beautiful, pure thing ever."

Lizzo performing

Love that for you, Lizzo. You can watch Lizzo's full interview on The Breakfast Club here.