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Lil Nas X Dressed Up As Nicki Minaj In The "Super Bass" Video And It's Spot-On

BOOM, he nailed it.

By now, you know rapper Lil Nas X. He's best known for his record-breaking song, "Old Town Road."

Lil Nas X

In the Twitter universe, though, he's also known for being a huge Nicki Minaj stan. There were reports that he ran a Nicki stan account, called "Nas Maraj."

Lil Nas at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards,

When fans asked him about it, Lil Nas didn't claim the account because he was not yet publicly out as gay. It was a whole thing.

@OnikasBeauty @NICKIMINAJ i didn’t want people to know i was gay tbh

Nicki ultimately forgave him, though.

@NICKIMINAJ the generous queen, i love u. and i’m sorry i did that in a time where u were already getting so much bandwagon hate. i felt so bad, hoping u wouldn’t see my denial. i was just so afraid of people finding out about me and losing everything before i even got a chance.

Anyway, this year for Halloween, Lil Nas paid homage to his queen Nicki's iconic "Super Bass" video with his costume. Like, WOW:

The attention to detail! The outfit, the wig, the bracelet, the heels. YES, LIL NAS!

Lil Nas X as Nicki Minaj in the "Super Bass" video

Like, can we just appreciate this side-by-side?

Lil Nas X next to Nicki Minaj in the "Super Bass" video

Lil Nas really killed it this year, and I hope Nicki will see it.

Lil Nas X as Nicki Minaj in the "Superbass" vide

Now if you don't mind me, I'm gonna go watch the "Super Bass" video until Halloween's over. Bye!

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