People Are Translating Comments To Emojis On Lea Michele's TikTok "So She Can Read Them," And I'm Speechless

    The emojis!!!!!!!

    So, you may or may not have seen the "Lea Michele is illiterate" conspiracy that's gone viral on YouTube and TikTok.

    Basically, it stemmed from the fact that Lea's Glee costar Naya Rivera wrote in her book that Lea never wanted to improvise.

    Thus, the internet then decided she was FED her lines, which she would memorize because she couldn't read. And why couldn't she read? Because she grew up a child actor on Broadway and "never had time to go to school."

    Lea performing onstage

    Anyway, Lea came around and is currently "in" on the joke — and even pokes fun at herself, like in this TikTok where she said she has to call up her bestie Jonathan Groff to read her comments:

    Since then, people have run — well, SPRINTED — with this joke. Literally allllll of her comments are now people translating their comments with emojis so Lea "can read" them.

    Like, when Lea posted herself slaying in this dress...

    ...these were the comments:

    Like, come ooooonnnn:

    Beauty (Bee emoji, finger pointing at you emoji, a cup of tea emoji"

    When she posted a TikTok of her slaying this other look...

    ...these were the comments:

    One comment was slay queen (sleigh emoji, queen emoji"

    I genuinely have no words. Do you? Let me know what you think about this whole thing in the comments below!