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    Larray Talked About His First Times And Name-Dropped A Few Celebs

    Larray has almost 25 million TikTok followers!

    By now, you've probably heard of Larray — he's one of the biggest TikTokers right now. He's got almost 25 million followers on the app, and he's quickly become a huge star.

    Well, we caught up with Larray and had him tell us all about his first times — like the first album he bought.

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    He said it was Bangerz by Miley Cyrus. In fact, Larray revealed he used to run a Miley stan account called @LarrayCyrus.

    And Miley eventually followed Larray! "What's crazy is that she DMed me because I was supposed to work with her for something. I was freaking out — I had to have my manager respond."

    "Unfortunately, due to my schedule, I couldn't work with her. And then she unfollowed me."

    "But I met her team at the Cinderella premiere, and they said she's still down to work with me."

    Well, that's good to hear! To hear Larray talk about more encounters with celebs, check out the rest of his First Times video. And be sure to get your hands on some Larray’s Loaded Mac, available on all food delivery apps now!