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    Lana Del Rey's New Look Is Gorgeous And Body-Shamers Can Have A Seat


    You know singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey.

    Mat Hayward / Getty Images

    She typically rocks her signature brunette hairstyle:

    Josh Brasted / FilmMagic

    Well, she recently switched it up to a newer, blonder look. She went to Blankenship Salon in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and I think she looks amaze:

    Body shaming on Lana Del Rey is not funny. She is a human being, she ages like everyone. Stop thinking that she must look like ten years ago. She is no longer that girl, now she is happy and healthy that way. #WeLoveYouLANA ❤

    Blankship Salon

    She looks like so happy and gorgeous, OMG:

    Well, trolls decided to do what trolls do best and body-shame, critique, and make fun of her new look:

    "Not including examples because they're gross"
    Me on Photoshop

    If you really need to see, you can click here.

    Fans quickly came to her defense and got "#WeLoveYouLana" trending with positive tweets. It's amaze:

    We’re here for the blonde era 💇🏼‍♀️✨ #WeLoveYouLANA

    Blankship Salon

    People are fat shaming lana wtff shes the prettiest and baddest bitch ive ever seen periyat #WeLoveYouLANA

    Talented, incredible, amazing, beautiful, fabulous, gorgeous, perfect, kind, bright,... : #WeLoveYouLana @LanaDelRey

    Blankship Salon

    no matter who says what, you are the most beautiful star in the universe. fucking people always talk empty.. all jealousy. but remember that you are strong. you are beautiful in every way. #WeLoveYouLANA @LanaDelRey

    I'll let this fan's screenshot of Lana's old tweet conclude this post. Just be nice. Bye.

    Seeing as some you need a reminder nearly 10 years later... #WeLoveYouLANA

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