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Apr 29, 2020

Kylie Jenner Clapped Back At Someone Making Fun Of Her Hair And I Feel Like People Don't Realize She's Really Funny

Am I a Kylie stan?

You know lip kit queen/beauty guru Kylie Jenner.

Well, I feel like she doesn't get enough credit for how frickin' funny she is.


She has a dry sense of humor — like when she responded to people commenting on her body:

Or when she was super blunt about her motive behind posting this pic of her and Kendall:

Well, on Tuesday, she posted this video of her carrying Stormi, captioned, "A visual representation of how my friends are gonna have to drag me out the first party post quarantine."

Someone in the comments came for her hair, saying that her hair needs to be blended:

Kylie must've seen it because she replied with this iconic quip:

LOL, I love it.


Literally using "I know, bitch, it's been a long day" whenever someone comes for me next. Bye!

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