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Kim Kardashian West And Pete Davidson Were Spotted Holding Hands — Here's How Twitter Reacted

No words.

This weekend, Kim Kardashian West and Pete Davidson were spotted holding hands at Knott's Scary Farm, People magazine reported. The two were joined by Kourtney and her boyfriend, Travis Barker.

Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson Hold Hands at Knott's Scary Farm: They're 'Just Friends,' Source Says

Twitter: @people

Now, according to reports, the two are just friends. However, this hand-holding moment comes a few weeks after the two kissed on Saturday Night Live during a skit.

Pete and Kim kissing on SNL

Naturally, Twitter still had a field day with the whole interaction. Here's how people reacted:


Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson? Did not see that coming!

Twitter: @emmytargaryen / Via OWN


being on snl is a gateway drug to dating pete davidson

Twitter: @addisonwoodside


convinced dating pete davidson is like jury duty for celebs and most ppl will be called to do it at least once

Twitter: @chandIermonica


*whispers* i like the idea of kim kardashian and pete davidson.

Twitter: @idalisbriales / Via Cartoon Network


Social media seeing pictures of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson holding hands:

Twitter: @AshweeeW / Via CBS


Knott’s employee that sold the Pete Davidson & Kim Kardashian pic rn:

Twitter: @DArmstrong44


pete davidson dick must be life changing cuz why is he literally everywhere

Twitter: @B6TGIRLS


pete davidson getting passed around like a middle schooler vape



Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson????? whatttttt

Twitter: @anniej24_ / Via E!


kris jenner after seeing the pictures of kim kardashian and pete davidson knowing damn well she sent it to people magazine

Twitter: @fratboycevans / Via E!


Pete Davidson & Kim Kardashian now?? They have Kris working OVERTIME for that Hulu show

Twitter: @MMBrittoF


TMZ on the streets trying to catch Pete Davidson & Kim Kardashian like:

Twitter: @DArmstrong44 / Via ESPN


Twitter: @umkindaracist / Via NBC


Pete Davidson when any famous female celebrities need a rebound

Twitter: @sayanged6 / Via Paramount


The SNL cast checking in on Pete Davidson’s dating life: 👀

Twitter: @insecure_al / Via Imagine Entertainment


Pete Davidson hooking up with Kim Kardashian two years after this would be hilarious lmao

Twitter: @iam_johnw2

Of course, if either of them comments on this situation, we'll be sure to update you!