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Kim Kardashian Showed Her Natural Hair, And I Legit Had No Clue This Is What She Looked Like

I'm actually surprised...

Last week, Kim Kardashian posted a clip of her and North West lip-synching to "Baby, It's Cold Outside."

The video was super cute, but I was specifically shocked at Kim giving everyone a glimpse at what appeared to be her natural hair.

Kim with her natural hair which is slightly past her shoulders

Obviously, Kim dyes her hair quite frequently and wears wigs, so it was pretty jarring for me! IDK!

Like, OMG?

I don't know why — maybe because I'm not super in-the-know about the hair — but I was not expecting her natural hair to look like this:

Like, my dumbass thought she was going to bed like this:

Kim walking into a building while wearing a long blonde wig

What do y'all think of this lewk? Let me know in the comments below!