Kim Kardashian Just Called Out Ray J On Twitter

    "He's a pathological liar."

    So, you know that Kim Kardashian is never one to shy away from clapping back.

    Like, remember when Lindsay Lohan came for her on Insta and she went right back at her:

    Well, on Saturday, The Sun published a report that said Ray J (Kim's ex) spilled intimate details about their relationship.

    The report claimed Ray J told people at a club a bunch of unconfirmed things, like Kim "spent $75,000 a year on g-strings, stops for snacks mid-sex, and has a huge Louis Vuitton trunk filled with sex toys."

    It looks like Kim believes Ray J is behind the report. She called him out after a fan tweeted her about it:


    Ugh, another day. Another clapback.