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Kim Kardashian Revealed The Dress Code Her Employees Have To Follow And It's Giving Strict Boss Energy

"I have a handbook."

This week, Angie Martinez's IRL podcast interview with Kim Kardashian dropped.

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In the interview, she opened up about coparenting, her new legal career, and a bunch of personal topics. But one thing I found fascinating was when she and Angie were talking about the aesthetic and vibe of her office.

a minimalist room with a table and couch

Kim said she purposely makes the office like her house — minimalist and monochromatic. And because of Kim's dedication to this vibe, her employees have a pretty strict dress code.

Kim Kardashian

Angie asked, "The people who work here are all color coordinated. Is that intentional?”

Kim Kardashian and Angie Martinez talking

“Absolutely,” Kim said. “I have uniforms.”


“It’s not like, 'Hey, this is, like, your uniform.' It’s just color palettes. I have a handbook."


Kim then listed the approved colors. "Grays, heather gray, black, navy, white, cream, khaki," she said. "I mean, we can stick with all neutrals. Not a lot of color blocking."

minimalist hair salon

OK, strict much??? The Catholic school kid in me is having flashbacks.

However, Kim noted that her employees were on board with the dress code because of how "zen" it made everyone feel. So that's good!


How do y'all feel about this dress code? Let me know in the comments below!