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People Have A Wide Array Of Thoughts After Kim Kardashian Reportedly Damaged Marilyn Monroe's Dress

From apathetic to outraged, here are the reactions.

As you probably know, Kim Kardashian wore Marilyn Monroe's 1962 dress — which Marilyn wore when she iconically sang "Happy Birthday" to then-president John F. Kennedy — to the Met Gala this year.

Kim controversially revealed that she lost 16 pounds in one week so she could "fit" into the dress, and even shared footage of her and her team trying to adjust/stretch the garment onto her.

Having now looked at a video of the Ripley's people fitting the Marilyn dress onto Kim, there's no way this sort of handling didn't result in damage to the dress during the fitting alone. And they evidently did 2 separate fittings.

Twitter: @_ElizabethMay

Well, this week, it was reported that the iconic dress was permanently damaged after Kim wore it, and people had some thoughts.

Some were like, "This is rich people shit."

no offense but i literally could not care less that kim kardashian messed up marilyn monroe’s dress. i will never afford a home

Twitter: @jzux

Most people can barely get out of bed and the world is ending, but more importantly, Kim Kardashian wore out Marilyn Monroe’s dress at the Met Gala.

Twitter: @JessicaKirson

Others memed/joked about the whole situation:

Kim Kardashian just ruined the Marilyn Monroe dress. Here’s what that means for the war in Ukraine [1/57]:

Twitter: @boyapocalypse_

let kim kardashian ruin more artifacts. let her drive the jfk car into a swamp. eat ribs over the dead sea scrolls. she’s the reverse indiana jones

Twitter: @carterhambley

kim kardashian better not even think about this dress.

Twitter: @sedderaside / Via VH1

kim kardashian better not even think about this dress

Twitter: @lyfeofguy / Via VH1

And then OTHERS were outraged by the whole alleged incident and how it represented yet another form of exploiting Marilyn Monroe:

The reason it's so upsetting Kim Kardashian ruined Marilyn Monroe's dress isn't actually about the dress - it's that Marilyn was as intelligent, kind woman who was used, abused and exploited her whole life and even in death is still being so disrespected

Twitter: @punishedmother

@jzux Marilyn Monroe was a woman who was exploited and used her entire life. Even in her death, they won't let her rest in peace. This is profoundly sad on a human level, honestly. That's all.

Twitter: @tonewplaces

"As a historian, this hurts not because it damaged 'history,' but because people still treat Marilyn Monroe and her things as public," one person wrote. "Her face, her body, her image, her person is not seen as HERS either then or now and she deserves much more than to be anyone's symbol."

Kim Kardashian has not responded to the dress situation, but we'll be sure to update you if she does.